Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is Stats on Ice updated?

Stats on Ice is updated approximately 2-3 times per month. Updates are more frequent during the competitive season and less frequent during the off season.

Q: I submitted results or data using the "Contribute" forms. Why has this data not been updated on Stats on Ice?

Some results pages are not easy to add to the database. These results are added to a list of "difficult to add" competitions and we try to add them when we have time.

Q: What do all of the element codes mean? (E.g. CCoSp3)

These are all elements listed in the ISU Scale of Values. A list of the 2017-2018 codes can be found here.

Q: Why are there no results from before 2003 on Stats on Ice?

At the present time the scope of Stats on Ice is limited to IJS results. If you know of IJS results that are not currently in the database, please send us the link using our form on the Contact/Contribute page.

Q: Can I add or remove data from the Stats on Ice database?

You can contribute data to the Stats on Ice database by using the form on the Contact/Contribute page. At the present time, it is only possible to add or update website data; data cannot be removed from the database.