Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there no results from before 2004 on Stats on Ice?

At the present time the scope of Stats on Ice is limited to IJS results. If you know of IJS results that are not currently in the database, please send us the link using our form on the Contact/Contribute page.

Q: Can I add or remove data from the Stats on Ice database?

You can contribute data to the Stats on Ice database by using the form on the Contact/Contribute page. At the present time, it is only possible to add or update website data; data cannot be removed from the database.

Q: What do the filters mean on the Top Scores or Element Statistics page?

Hover over the names Unique, Country, and Bonus to learn more about these filters.

Q: What do the red, blue, yellow, and green flags in the protocol data mean?

The flags represent different types of consensus or nonconsensus among judges for a given element. Learn more about each flag by hovering over it with your cursor.