Stats on Ice is dedicated to providing figure skating data and statistics for skaters, coaches, and fans.

Key goals are to:

  • Provide easy access to both national and international results, interactive search filters for top scores and elements, and tools for tracking rivalries.
  • Develop tools for reviewing individual skater performance trends and analyzing scores by element and layout.
  • Promote understanding of the scoring system by providing an interactive database that permits users to investigate their own questions about skating results.

Comprehensive Skating Database

Stats on Ice provides a large and easy-to-navigate database of skater data and competition results. The database includes local, qualifying, national, and international events from 2004 to 2015. See the completion table for available competition results.

Statistical Tools

Stats on Ice has built a suite of statistical tools that can be used to analyze trends and patterns in competition results and element scores, compare skaters, and identify strengths and weaknesses in individual performances. We continue to work on building new tools and fine-tuning old ones. Notes and suggestions are always welcomed.