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ACT Championships
AKR Skate Challenge
Aberdeen Open
Aberdeen Solo and Couple…
Aby Trophy
Advanced Novice and Juni…
Advent Trophy
Akademijas Ledus Halles …
Alta Elite Cup
Alto Adige Sudtirol Ice …
Ann Beukers Trophy
Antarctica Cup
Antwerp Diamond Trophy
Arge Alp
Asian Junior Figure Skat…
Asian Trophy
Atlanta Open
Australian Championships
Austrian Championships
Austrian Junior Champion…
Austrlian Championships
Autumn Classic Internati…
Autumn Cup
Autumn Trophy
Ayr Open
BFISC Championships
BIFSC Championships
Balkan Games
Baltic Cup
Basingstoke Open
Baskent Kupasi
Bavarian Open
Beker Van Het Meetjesland
Beker Van Leuven
Beker Van Liedekerke
Beker van Heist
Belarusian Championships
Belarusian Junior Champi…
Belgian Championships
Biellman Cup
Big Bear
Black Sea Ice Cup
Blackpool Ice Skating Fe…
Bosphorus Cup
Boston Open
Bracknell Open
Bracknell Solo & Couples…
Bradford Dance Open
Bradford Open
Bradford Solo & Couples …
British Championships
British Championships Qu…
British Championships Qu…
British Championships Qu…
British Solo Ice Dance C…
Burvigas Slidas
CCIA Competition
Cactus Classic
Campionat de Catalunya O…
Campionato Italiano Elit…
Canadian Championships
Cape Inter Provincial Ch…
Carlsport Trophy
Central Carolina Classic
Central Gauteng Provinci…
Central Pacific Regional…
Challenge Cup
Championnat Ile De France
Championnats de France 2
Championnats de France 3
Championnats de Section A
Championnats de Section B
Championnats de la Sous …
Champlain Valley Open
Charter Oak Open
Cherry Blossom Invitatio…
Chesapeake Open
Chinese Taipei Champions…
Christmas Cup
Christmas Stars
Chu Shikoku Kyushu Regio…
Chubu Regional
City of Light
Colonial Open
Copa Federacion
Copenhagen Ice Dance Cup
Coppa Europa
Coppa Italia
Coupe de Fontenay
Coupe de Nice
Coupe du Printemps
Coventry Open
Cranberry Open
Croatian Championships
Crosslands Bowl
Crosslands Rosebowl
Crosslands Trophy
Crystal Skate
Crystal Skate PreNovice
Cumhuriyet Kupasi
Cup of China
Cup of Russia
Cup of Tyrol
Cupa Corona
Cupa FRP Campionat Junio…
Cupa Poiana Brasov
Cupa Romaniei Restanta
Cyprus Championships
Danish Championships
Danish Championships and…
Danmarks Cup
Deeside Solo Dance Serie…
Denis Ten Memorial Chall…
Denkova Staviski Cup
Denkova Staviski Cup (Ch…
Deutschland Pokal
Diamond Skate Trophy
Dogwood Open
Dragon Trophy
Dreitannen Cup
Drzavno Prvenstvo
Dubai Golden Cup
Dundee Open
Dutch Championships
EVBN Meisterschaft und S…
Eastern Great Lakes Regi…
Eastern Hungary Cup
Eastern Sectional Champi…
Eastern Sectional Ice Da…
Eastern Sectional Single…
Edu Sport Trophy
Egna Dance Trophy
Egna Spring Trophy
Eiscup Innsbruck
Elektrenai Open
Elite Trophy
Elitserien Finals
Elitserien Premiere
Estonian Championships
Estonian Youth Champions…
Eulach Cup
European Championships
European Youth Olympic F…
Eve Cup
FBMA Trophy
Feldkirch Trophy
Finale KNSB Cup
Finlandia Cup
Finlandia Trophy
Finnish Championships
Finnish Championships Qu…
Finnish Championships Qu…
Flemish Championships
Florida Open
Florida State Games
Flyver Cup
Four Continents Champion…
Four Nationals Champions…
French Championships
French Junior Championsh…
French Novice Championsh…
Friendship Cup
Friendship Cup (Cubs)
Gara Nazionale Fascia El…
Gardena Spring Trophy
Gauteng Inter Provincial…
Gauteng North Provincials
Geneva Ice Cup
German Championships
German Junior Championsh…
Germany Cup
Glacier Falls
Gliss Extra
Gliss Open
Gold Coast Challenge
Golden Bear
Golden Spin
Golden West Championships
Grand Prix Bratislava
Grand Prix Final
Grand Prix Helsinki
Grand Prix SNP
Greek Championships
Gudrun Lindmarks Trophy
Haabersti Cup
Halloween Cup
Hamar Trophy
Hamburger Michel
Heiko Fischer Cup
Heiko Fischer Trophy
Hellmut Seibt Memorial
Hellmut Seibt Memorial I…
Helsinki Trophy
Hills Spring Trophy
Hollins Trophy
Hong Kong Championships
Hope Cup
Host Cup
Hungarian Figure Skating…
Hunter Trophy
IC Froggie Cup
IFSC Autumn Challenge
IFSC Championships
IFSC Crystal Challenge
IJS Bradford
IJS Deeside
IJS Guildford
IJS Hull Open
IJS Lee Valley
IJS Murrayfield Open
IJS Sheffield
IJS Skate Southern
IJS Slough Open
IJS Telford
Ice Challenge
Ice Prince and Princess
Ice Star
Ice Star (CS)
Ice Star Cup
Ice Star Interclub
Ice Talent Trophy
Ice Zoo Skating Club Cha…
IceStar Cup
Icelab International Cup
Iceland Championships
Indonesia Championships
Indy Challenge
Inge Solar Memorial Alpe…
InterClub Tallinn Trophy
Interclub Heist op den B…
Internationale Stars On …
Internationaux de France
Irish Championships
Istanbul Cup
Italian Championships
Italian Juvenile to Adva…
Japan Championships
Japan Eastern Section
Japan Junior Championshi…
Japan Novice Championshi…
Japan Open
Japan Western Section
Jegmadar Easter Cup
Jegvirag Cup
Jelgava Cup
Jeux du Quebec
John Smith Memorial
Juna Cup
Juna Skate Open
Junior Grand Prix AND
Junior Grand Prix ARM
Junior Grand Prix AUS
Junior Grand Prix AUT
Junior Grand Prix BLR
Junior Grand Prix BUL
Junior Grand Prix CAN
Junior Grand Prix CRO
Junior Grand Prix CZE
Junior Grand Prix ESP
Junior Grand Prix EST
Junior Grand Prix FRA
Junior Grand Prix Final
Junior Grand Prix GBR
Junior Grand Prix GER
Junior Grand Prix HUN
Junior Grand Prix ITA
Junior Grand Prix JPN
Junior Grand Prix LAT
Junior Grand Prix LTU
Junior Grand Prix MEX
Junior Grand Prix NED
Junior Grand Prix NOR
Junior Grand Prix POL
Junior Grand Prix ROM
Junior Grand Prix ROU
Junior Grand Prix RSA
Junior Grand Prix RUS
Junior Grand Prix SCG
Junior Grand Prix SLO
Junior Grand Prix SVK
Junior Grand Prix Secme …
Junior Grand Prix TPE
Junior Grand Prix TUR
Junior Grand Prix UKR
Junior Grand Prix USA
Jurmala Open
Kabo Cup
Kanto Regional
Karl Schaefer Memorial
Katrina Cup
Kaunas Ice Autumn Cup
Kaunas Ice Christmas Cup
Kaunas Ice Spring Cup
Kaunas Ice Winter Cup
Kempen Trophy
Kinki Regional
Kretsmesterskap AOSK
Kwa Zulu Natal Inter Pro…
Kwa Zulu Natal Provincia…
Kyle Open
LCCFSS Triple Challenge
LKF Trophy
Labor Day Invitational
Lake Bled Ice Challenge
Landvetter Elite Cup
Lara Deric Memorial
Lars G Pokal
Latvian Championships
Lccisc Club Championships
Lee Valley Solo & Couple…
Leo Scheu Memorial
Lerum Cup
Liberty Open
Limant Cup
Linne Cup
Lombardia Trophy
Los Angeles Open
Lounakeskus Trophy
Lulea Cup
Lund Trophy
Luxembourg Open Interclub
MJS Trophy
Macquarie Club Champions…
Magic Cup
Magic Skates
Magnum Open
Magyar Kupa
Malaysia Championships
Mary Groombridge Friends…
Mary Parry Trophy
Master's de Patinage
May Day Open
Medal Winners Open
Mentor Cup
Mentor Torun Cup
Merano Cup
Mezzaluna Cup
Miami Open
Middle Atlantic Champion…
Midwestern Sectional Cha…
Midwestern Sectional Ice…
Midwestern Sectional Pai…
Midwestern Sectional Sin…
Mini Europa
Miniemen Cup
Mladost Trophy
Molndals Cup
Mont Blanc Trophy
Montfort Cup
Moran Memorial Champions…
Mordovian Ornament
NEICC Competition
NHK Trophy
NRW Summer Trophy
NRW Trophy
NRW Trophy (Dance)
NSW Championships
NSW State Championships
Nancy Archie Meyer Open
Narcisa Cup
Narva Cup
Narva Spring
Nasjonalt stevne i AKK
National Federation Chal…
National Team Challenge
Nationwide Youth Champio…
Nebelhorn Trophy
Nene Hatun Kupasi
Nestle Kangus Cup
Nestle Torun Cup
New Autumn Star
New England Regional Cha…
New Years Cup
New Zealand Championships
New Zealand Winter Games
North American Challenge…
North Atlantic Regional …
North Shore Open
North Star Open
Northwest Pacific Region…
Norwegian Championships
OSK Interskate
OZO Winter Cup
Ocean State Open
Ochota Cup
Olafa Cup
Olafa Kauss
Olafa Ozolnieku Kauss
Olympic Games
Olympic Hopes
Ondrej Nepela Memorial
Open Dutch Championship
Open Ice Mall Cup
Open d'Andorra
Orange Blossom Open
Oxford Open
Ozolnieku Zelta Rudens K…
Pacific Coast Sectional …
Pacific Coast Sectional …
Pacific Coast Sectional …
Pacific Coast Sectional …
Pavel Roman Memorial
Peach Open
Penrith Ice Palace Trophy
Penrith and Northwest Cl…
Philadelphia Summer Cham…
Philadelphia Summer Inte…
Pirouette Skating
Polish Junior Championsh…
Polish Novice Championsh…
Potomac Open
Prague Ice Cup
Prague Riedell Ice Cup
Prima Vera
Providence Open
Prvenstvo Vojvodine
Queensland Championships
Queensland Competition
Red, White & Blue Ice
Reval Skate Open
Reykjavik International …
Ringhoffer Cup
Rinx Summer Open
Romanian National Junior…
Rooster Cup
Rostelecom Crystal Skate
Rostelecom Cup
Ruhr Cup
Russian Championships
Russian Junior Champions…
SEA Figure Skating Chall…
SFSC Club Championships
SFSC Trophy Night
SKF Trophy
Saint Helena Trophy
Santa Claus Cup
Santa Claus Cup (Non ISU)
Sarajevo Open
Scottish Cup
Selection Match KNSB Cup…
Selection Match KNSB Cup…
Selection Match KNSB Cup…
Selection Match ONK
Serbian Championships
Serbian Novice Champions…
Shanghai Trophy
Sheffield Open
Silver Skate Cup
Singapore Championships
Sjaellands Cup
Sjaellands Mesterskab
Skate America
Skate Ayrshire
Skate Canada
Skate Canada Challenge
Skate Celje
Skate Celje (Non ISU)
Skate Challenge
Skate Copenhagen
Skate Down Under
Skate Helena
Skate La Grande
Skate Malmo
Skate San Francisco
Skate Southern Club Inte…
Skate St. Moritz
Skate Victoria
Skate Wilmington
Skopje on Ice
Slidotprieka Kauss
Slovak Junior Championsh…
Slovenia Open
Smithfield Open
Sofia Trophy
Solna Challenge Cup
Sound Cup
South African Championsh…
South Atlantic Regional …
South East Asia Trophy
South Florida Challenge
Southern CA Inter Club C…
Southern California Inte…
Southern California Inte…
Southern Connecticut Open
Southern Regional Champi…
Southwest Florida Fall C…
Southwest Pacific Region…
Southwestern Regional Ch…
Souvenir Georges Ethier
Spanish Championships
Spanish Children Champio…
Spirou Cup
Spor Toto Federasyon Kup…
Sportland Trophy
Sportland Trophy (ISU)
Sportland Trophy (Non IS…
Spring Competition
Spring Cup
Spring on Ice Competition
Spring on Ice Trophy
Starlet Final
Starlet I
Starlet II
Starlet III
Stockholm Trophy
Streatham Autumn Trophy
Streatham Solo & Couples…
Stromstad Trophy
Styrian Championships
Styrian Open Championshi…
Summer Challenge
Summer Chiller
Summer Cup
Sundsvall Cup
Super Series Autumn Leav…
Super Series BC YK Secti…
Super Series BC YT Secti…
Super Series SummerSkate
Super Series Vancouver I…
Super Series Victoria Day
Swedish Championships
Swiss Championships
Swiss Championships Juni…
Swiss Championships Novi…
Taipei Open
Tallink Hotels Cup
Tallinn Trophy
Tallinn Trophy (Challeng…
Tallinn Trophy (Interclu…
Tallinn Trophy (Internat…
Tallinn Trophy Kids
Tartu Cup
Telford Solo Dance
Telford Solo Ice Dance O…
Thailand Championships
Thailand National Youth …
Three Nationals Champion…
Tikkurila Trophy
Tirnavia Ice Cup
Tivoli Cup
Tohoku Hokkaido Regional
Tokyo Regional
Tomas Cup
Towne Family Trophy
Trento Cup
Triglav Trophy
Trofej Beograda
Trofeo Fiemme on Ice
Trophee Eric Bompard
Trophee Lalique
Trophee Romand
Trophy Cup
Trophy Night
Trophy of Lyon
Tukuma Cup
Tukums Cup
Turkish Championships
US Challenge Skate
US Collegiate Championsh…
US Figure Skating Champi…
US Ice Dance Final
US International Classic
US Junior Championships
US Pairs Final
Uddevalla Trophy
Ukrainian Championships
Umea Trophy
Upper Great Lakes Region…
Valmieras Kauss
Ventspils Perle
Volvo Open Cup
Volvo Open Cup Interclub
Volvo Open Cup Youngsters
Warsaw Cup
Welsh Open Championships
Western Province Provinc…
Winter Hope
Winter Universiade
World Championships
World Development Trophy
World Junior Championshi…
World Team Trophy
Young Stars Sheffield
Youth Olympic Games
Zakijev Flip
Zuri Leu Cup